designer. strategist. dreamer. doer.


Katherina Nguyen, design engineer fascinated by the evolving expression of human intent and knowledge through new technological interfaces.

Hi there. I enjoy crafting clear and efficient experiences that build structured foundations to encourage thoughtful creativity. Over the past 7 years, I've had the honor of working hands on with 100+ teams across diverse industries on UI/UX information architecture challenges.

Previously, I developed interactive data visualizations @ CID Growth Lab at Harvard Kennedy School where I designed and helped launch the new Atlas of Economic Complexity. (Work shortlisted for Kantar Data is Beautiful Awards 2018) Before that, I served as Design Specialist @ Data Collective Venture Capital, Founding Resident Designer / Mentor @ StartX Stanford Accelerator, and 6+ years building expertise as a personal design strategy consultancy working with a range of innovative data-driven companies and sectors in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm passionate about distilling ambitious ideas into concrete form through end-to-end design and prototyping processes. Currently building next gen AI software interfaces to enable more sustainable and efficient materials science R&D production with Citrine Informatics. I also curate arts-tech and teach data visualization, actively looking for collaboration and partners in these areas.

I'm happiest being challenged to learn new things quickly and working with smart people to improve the way the world works. Always enjoy exploring opportunities in data-driven impact fields, museum technology, algorithmic design & visualization, multimedia interaction prototyping, and arts-tech initiatives. In my free time, I enjoy doodling, reading, hiking, films, technology forecasting, nerdy puns, and seeking out awesome people to work with and learn from.

Feel free to shoot an email to get in touch or grab coffee. :)


Portfolio materials available upon request, new site coming soon.

Non-work things I've built for fun : Museum Data Visualizations | UNTITLED VR Museum | Pathfinding Projection | migration/carnations, counting time (digital sketches) | Christmas Printmaking | Bright Thoughts Prayers Dome