B R I G H T   T H O U G H T S

Hello, this is a fun experiment in 3D data visualization! This  SNOWGLOBE environment visualizes key term mentions of Christmas and happy holiday wishes where each point on the 360 map environment is a deconstructed geotagged tweet expressing that intent.   * Best explored on computer + trackpad / mouse.

By presenting data as a footprint of sentiment, I hope this experience will help people feel more connected, both in sharing snapshots of celebration and moments of solidarity.

Cheers to lovely holidays and a bright future for all in 2016,

Created using 3JS, custom Google WebGL Globe, Twitter Search API + Python JSON converter. Project started 12/2015 and still in progress so please excuse slow performance bugs / limited data for now (holidays got quite busy!)

Looking to improve this with better international tweet support, rendering tweaks, live stream pulls. First time on this kind of project out so feedback and suggestions definitely appreciated. :)